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Operating Systems: Timeline and Family Tree

Includes about 850 operating systems so far

Last updated: January 2022

In this post you'll find a family tree and timeline of operating systems. I have tried to include all operating systems, no matter how old or obscure. Of course, a complete list is virtually impossible, as there is no way to catalogue all the tiny hobby and embedded systems that may exist somewhere.

Please also note that I only included a few selected Linux/BSD/Solaris distributions (it is arguable whether these should count as an OS on their own or not).

Currently, the family tree includes between 800 and 900 different operating systems. Tip: use Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) to search for a system.

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If anyone would like to make corrections, please feel tell me.
Big Update August 2021: Thank you for everyone e-mailing me with suggestions after this webpage got posted on Hackernews by someone. I have added most of the suggestions, such as missing operating systems and a few mistakes.

The operating system in this picture include:
(only original/first names, later renamings are shown in the graph but not in the list)