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by Alphonse Eylenburg

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Family Tree of Religions

Last updated: 2016

This post includes a historical family tree of religions. Religions can be classified in a number of different ways, including geography (Middle Eastern, Iranian, Indian, Chinese, ...) or fundamental concepts (Abrahamic, Dharmic, Taoic, ...). This mindmap shows from which other believes the religions were split or on which they were originally based.

There is of course a lot of speculation for some of them, especially syncretic or ethnic religions, so there might be some errors. The "{...}" categories are just categories (instead of an original religion from which the other ones derived), and the arrows show influences between religions (e.g. Zoroastrianism influencing early Judaism).

Religions marked with (t) ar extinct. Those marked with ! are the major religions. The 12 classical religions are formatted in bold.

Mindmap showing the family tree of religions

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Below is a simplified text-format version: