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World Map of Races

Last updated: 2021

This is a modern attempt of a world map of human races. There are hardly any such maps to be found today (most were created in the age of imperialism in the 19th and early 20th century).

Three notes: First, the distinction between the lighter and darker Caucasians is not easy to make. There are gradual shifts from Scandinavia to the Arab peninsula and it is impossible to draw a clear border. For this map, I have included all regions as Xantochroi where there is a prevalence of light eyes of at least 10% of the population. I know this is not scientific at all, but if you want to argue about who is white or not, please read this post first.

Second, there is a recent theory that there was a first wave of settlement in the Americas even before the current Native Americans. These "Paleoamericans" were probably related to the larger Australoid race and are often identified with the Fuegian natives. However, this is not an established theory yet.

Third, I have made a distinction between the Pygmies of Africa and other Black peoples. There is no convincing genetic evidence that they are something completely different (although there seems to have been an early separation), but it might make sense when considering that race is a social construct anyway (as in: racial classifications are mostly based on phenotype rather than genetic clustering alone).

So, as always regarding race, please take this map with a grain of salt - although I believe it is superior to all the other maps you might find on the Internet, which are often more than 100 years old.

World Map of Races


World map of races
  Race Phenotype Admixture Epicanthus Hair curl patterns Possible hair colours Possible eye colours Possible skin colours
Yes No Straight Wavy Curly Kinky Blond Red Brown Black Blue Green Amber Brown Fair Tanned Brown Dark
  Australoid Veddoid Neanderthal, Denisovan
  Negritoid Neanderthal, Denisovan
  Paleoamerind Neanderthal
  Capoid Khoisanoid Archaic African
  Negroid Congoid Archaic African
  Pygmoid Archaic African
  Mongoloid Sinoid Neanderthal
  Sundanoid Neanderthal, Australoid (?)
  Pacific Neanderthal, Australoid (?)
  Ainoid Neanderthal, Australoid (?)
  Arctic Neanderthal
  Amerind Neanderthal, Australoid (?)
  Caucasoid European (Xantochroi) Neanderthal
  Oriental (Melanochroi) Neanderthal
  Mixed Indian = Caucasoid + Australoid (Veddoid)
  Ethiopian = Caucasoid (Oriental) + Congoid
  Mulatto = Caucasoid (European) + Congoid
  Turanid = Caucasoid + Mongoloid (Sinoid)
  Mestizo = Caucasoid + Mongoloid (Amerindian)
  Cape Coloured = Capoid + any other
Legend: Note 1: The distribution of the Ainoid population in Japan is not as clear-cut as the picture suggests, as most Japanese people are a mix of Sundanoid and Ainoid.
Typical Note 2: The European population in the South of South America has more non-European (Amerind) admixture than other European populations.
Sporadic Note 3: The geographical division between European and Oriental is not clear-cut (here: based on genetic clustering by Mateus Augustin).

Phenotypes of the races shown in the map:

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