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Family Tree of Languages

Last updated: 2016

This post shows the languages and language families of the world and their possible family tree (meaning, how the language might have historically separated assuming only one original human language in prehistoric times from which all contemporary languages ultimately derive).

If you find this interesting, you may also want to check out my world map of (currently spoken) language families.

Please note that only the outmost level of the mindmap shows generally accepted or at least probable language relations or families. Two languages separated by a comma are languages that could be related, but this relationship is not established yet, while two languages joined with a hyphen are an accepted mini-family.

The distinction of the 3 fundamental branches "Austral, Boreal, Khoisan" was taken from British linguist Roger Blench.

Mindmap showing the world's proposed language families and macrofamilies

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Below is the list in text format: