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by Alphonse Eylenburg

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World Map of Ideologies

Last updated: 2021

People subscribe to various ideologies and not all of them are represented in the government. Another problem is that the opinions of individuals are not somehow measurable and often don't fit into any classical ideological terms.

This map therefore shows the official state ideology. For democracies, this often is (classical!) liberalism (as in, freedom of speech and other ideas of classical liberalism are guaranteed in the constitution) or other moderate ideologies (conservatism, social democracy).

World Map of Ideologies


World map of ideologies
  Ideology Description
  Islamism Islamic republics, other radical Muslim regimes
  Traditionalism Absolute monarchies, non-Muslim theocracies (Vatican City)
  Third Position Authoritarian* regime combining right-wing and left-wing ideology (e.g. Baathism, Juche, historically Fascism and National Socialism)
  Communism Officially Marxist/Communist one-party states
  Socialism Left-wing authoritarian* regime with Marxist/socialist ideology, but not officially communist states
  Centrism (authoritarian) Authoritarian*, but either moderate or non-ideological government
  Centrism (democratic) Non-authoritarian* (i.e. democratic or hybrid) states without high degree of freedom**
  Liberalism Full/flawed democracies* with high degree of freedom**
  Anarchism Deliberate absence of any state power
  * EIU Democracy index ** Freedom House index