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by Alphonse Eylenburg

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What would the World look like if the Axis had won WW2?

What if National Socialist Germany and Imperial Japan had been victorious?

Last updated: 2015

It seems to be a common question - both for people interested in history and everyone else - to wonder what would have happened if the Axis had won World War 2. In this map, I have included the alleged plans of the German and Japanese governments on how to divide the world after victory. Disclaimer: I used Wikipedia for my information, so a lot of it might be unproven, rumours, or hyperbole. To be honest, the map as a whole looks a bit ridiculous with two small countries conquering most of the world.

These plans included the British Empire joining the Axis (as the National Socialists always wanted them to do) and a later betrayal of Italy and annexation of some northern regions deemed Germanic. Interestingly, it seems that there haven't been any plans to conquer the USA, which the Hitler deemed "half Jewified, half Negrified" and probably too far away to physically occupy.

Axis win WW2 map

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